Pisces Probs

Maria Tettamanti

{Bikini c/o Pily Q, Pareo c/o Chanel, J Crew Panama hat, necklace c/o Lexi Jewelry, Ray-Ban wayfarers}

The W Hotel Maldives

{Swinging sensation}

Maria Tettatamant

Lexi Jewlery

{Semi-precious stone fish necklace by Lexi Jewelry}


I have a certifiable case of  Maldivian vacation brains. And after today’s antics, this is a veritable fact. Don’t believe me? After working out earlier this morning (in a futile effort to stave off last night’s beef curry/bubbly bender, obvi), I ran to my room where I sat on the couch, plucked off my tennis sneakers, opened a fresh, cool bottle of water, only to be reprimanded by the bewildered cleaning man with this gem: “Ma’am, this is NOT your room.”

 I mean, what kind of asshole disrobes in the wrong room?

 Um, this one. Don’t tell my children.

Seeing as my medulla is working on the minimum braincell capacity to keep one living with a pulse, I’m going to keep this post concise and sweet — image driven, if you will. Enjoy these pictures of me living the Pisces dream — with my head in the clouds, naturally.


  1. November 24, 2013 / 10:23 pm

    Can you guarantee that I’ll have your body if the hubs and I go for baby #2???
    I mean, you look amazing!!
    I need to tell Jackie to give me the “Maria” workout cause whatever you’re doing is working.

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