Toasty in Tory Burch

Greetings from Vail, you crazy crazies! The Wordy Girl is hitting the slopes with the family for the first-time ever. Growing up in NJ, we typically vacationed in warmer climates so any travel destination involving down jackets and leather gloves was off limits. With that preface, being here is thrilling! And scary as hell because if I break my hip barreling down a bunny slope that would just suck. Like, a lot. To my surprise, it’s actually even more exciting with two kids under age 4. And here I was stressing about the whole charade. In fact, my minis are making this trip extra special in the most unexpected ways. How so? Words cannot express the sense of elation I felt today meandering through the snow-covered village as my 2-year-old son kept whispering, “Ooh,” “Wow!” and “Aah.” His sense of innocent wonderment really gave me the warm fuzzies. Speaking of warm fuzzies, this is how I’m keeping my noggin nice and toasty — with this Tory Burch Pom Pom Hat. I discovered this cap candy on my super stylish friend, LEGS. Decadently soft and playful, it’s just the thing for snowball fights with the kiddos.

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