Christian Louboutin and Moi!

The scene at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour today and Christian Louboutin’s limited-edition capsule collection

Me and my favorite pair from the collection

This could be yours for $3,995.00!

Mr. Louboutin signing pre-sold shoes this a.m. He personalizes each pair with black and candy-colored Sharpies, too. I even spotted a pair for J. Lo.

Mr. Louboutin’s Louboutins…swoon!

A sketch of a limited-edition heel by Mr. Louboutin

Sprinkles, Bravo TV programming, Care Bears, unicorns and Pop Tarts — these are the visuals which pop into my mind when looking back at this morning’s brush with the great Christian Louboutin. Today was so momentous and special for me because I got up close and personal with the reigning king of high heels and if you could bottle all these emotions running within me at this very moment it would probably smell like honeysuckle (because their fleeting fragrance is the BEST THING EVER). Here’s my Q&A with Louboutin for and The Miami Herald. I hope you enjoy it because this tête-à-tête is one for The Wordy Girl’s books.

Bienvenidos a Miami! What do you love most about visiting the Magic City? The Latin ambiance, music and weather. I love the energy here and especially the Cuban music.

We love that DASH students are assisting you. Why do you enjoy working with students? Everybody is a child at some point and I think it’s very important to help students. It takes friendly people to teach you how to do new things.

You are on a deserted island, what is your one luxury item? Definitely La Prairie sunblock.

You are celebrating 20 years at the helm of your iconic brand, Christian Louboutin. What word best describes your journey? Freedom.

Somehow, you manage to make boring ballet flats look seductive. How do you finagle that? A shoe is simply a structure and it takes attitude to make anything look sexy. The shoes are nothing without the woman’s attitude.

Tell us a secret most people don’t know about you. I am allergic to fish.

You are a fashion hero to many, but who is your fashion hero? Marlene Dietrich.

What is your favorite scent? Frederic Malle perfume. I also love the smell of freshly cut grass after the rain.

If the world could only be one color, what color would it be? Red.

What movie could you watch over and over again? The Witches.

What destination do you love visiting? India.

Your shoes — the sky-high heels, the bows, the spikes, the colors! — are like candy for the feet. Where do you come up with your whimsical creations? My head sparkles all day long. I guess it probably comes from champagne and Perrier bubbles!

You’ve mastered shoes and handbags, what does the future hold? My future has not reached its limits but I am quite superstitious so I can’t talk about it.

Come on, give me a hint! Okay, okay. It has to do with my signature, my trademark — the red sole — placed somewhere else!

Photos by Tomas Loewy/

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