The Masters Fit

I recently had the pleasure to attend the greatest event in golf history — The Masters — in Augusta, Georgia. While the majority of women in attendance wore the event’s signature green hue, I chose the comfy and airy striped Sandro dress above with Adidas Sambas because we clocked over 15,000 steps that day. My cousin generously invited us where we swigged the signature cocktail Azaleas (comprised of vodka, lemonade and grenadine syrup), relished $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches, peach ice cream sandwiches, cheese straws and soaked in the best players in the golf game. The people watching was bar none and I even  a few celebrities such as Harry Styles (swoon!), Niall Horan and Jelly Roll. If you’re a spectator like myself, be sure to swoop up a garden gnome from one of the gift shops because they are THE thing.

Pomp aside, what took me aback in all honesty was the actual golf course — it’s literally STUNNING. I’ve never witnessed so many various shades of green, blooming florals and there wasn’t a blade of grass out of place. Mind. Blowing. Hooray for nature! I also enjoyed the fact that The Masters upholds a strict “no phone” policy so everyone is genuinely present, mindful and upbeat (Read: NOT doomscrolling).

Here’s to the best man winning!

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