Saks Shoe Sale in Miami!

What’s better than Christmas, class? The day-after Christmas shoe sale at Saks! Shame on you for not knowing that answer.

Today, from 8 a.m. to noon, all marked-down shoes were an additional 50 percent off so you know what that meant? This blogger was all over it along with every other heel-aholic in Miami. And trust me, this city is teeming with my kind of people.

The scene? A total Louboutin-induced fracas. A may-jah disas-tah, if you will. Picture tug-of-wars over Prada calf-hair pumps. Ladies bickering over sky-high Brian Atwoods. Gals smiling from cheek-to-cheek over their first pair of Chanel ballet flats. Superficial awesomeness, I know. I absolutely loved the die-hard with a baby strapped to her chest pictured here.

While I couldn’t unearth a single size 39 worth buying (even at 70 percent off!) oftentimes, it’s the hunt and eavesdropping on my fellow Jimmy Choo crazies I enjoy even more. For example, the following nonsense was overheard just this a.m.:

“I only bought 6 pairs. Please tell my husband how well behaved I am!”

“These are on sale for $250. That’s. Like. Free.”

“Why am I size 8? Everyone’s a size 8. This is a curse. I blame my mother for that, too.”

While I left empty handed (alas, one can not always be triumphant) I  am now obsessed with the neon Atwoods and studded Valentinos pictured here.  Helloooooo, lovers.

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