Country Living in Miami

One of the things I love most about Miami is that one moment I can be hamming it up (ok, fine, eavesdropping — let’s not get it twisted) with Rachel Zoe and Penn Badgley on swanky SoBe one day and the next, picking strawberries in the simple and wholesome Redlands with even bigger superstars like my progeny and parents.
That’s just what we did on Saturday. First stop? Burr’s Berry Farm’s shake and produce stand for a cold and creamy strawberry milkshake. The folks at Burrs have been farming since 1965 and have mastered the art of whipping up the perfect fruity shake (not too thick and just-right sweet). Honestly, Burr’s shakes are like taking tiny sips of heaven. Bible.

We also shopped at several produce carts along Krome Avenue for some just-picked cornhusks, avocados, pineapples and miniature roses. Our favorite new discovery? R.F. Orchids. Here you will find thousands of exotic orchids growing in a laidback setting peppered with gazebos, ponds, tiki huts and lush landscaping. We took our time poking through the fragrant flowers and unique pottery. And of course I had to purchase a few souvenirs for back home. I picked up a $50 purple spotted orchid (I know, kind of steep but I couldn’t leave him. It was like he was imploring me to be brought home. These things happen. Especially with shoes) and some other funky plants like a grafted cactus. Now that they accent my living room, a mere glance at them beckons me back to that down-home feel of the Redlands. Love that!

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