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Some days, a girl just wants to feel like a majestic rainbow/swirly lollipop, so this Mara Hoffman dress is perfect for those moments. I love it so!

I’ve been home a solid week since my jaunt to New Jersey and I’ve officially caught up with 258 work emails, celebrated #NationalFriedChickenDay at newly opened Federal Donuts, got back into a pilates groove, maniacally cleaned the house, and am now nursing a sick kiddo (poor Ava!). It ain’t easy being a working mom…I’ll tell you that much.

Next week, my husband and I are doing something we rarely do… taking a vacation as just the two of us. We always travel with our kids, family or friends and I can’t recall the last time we traveled solo so I’m excited about that. #SexyTime LOL

But really, I think it’s extremely important for couples to carve out alone time with one another because “being busy” has become a part of our culture. In this chaotic world of daily chores, activities, work obligations and schedules, it’s so easy to ignore the most important people in our lives — namely our partners. Often times, my friends commiserate they spend little to no time with their spouses. This makes me sad!

So I truly look forward to those magical moments we’ll be making next week. The takeaway here? Find time to stay connected to your loved one. The day doesn’t have to be full of fireworks or a fancy vacation, but it must have moments of reciprocity. My fave “alone time” situations include: Dinner at our fave Mexican joint, impromptu foot massages, Dateline marathons where we try to solve the crime 5 minutes into the episode, and sitting on our back porch talking smack.

Without going full-on Doctor Phil on you, heed to this quote I stumbled upon at Home Goods in the stationary aisle of all places (ha! ha!) if you don’t want your relationship to emulate that of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Live in the moment and make time for each other. It will change your relationship.

Photos by Karla Garcia

{Mara Hoffman dress, clutch c/o Atma Beauty, hat c/o Martin Pescador, star choker c/o Taudrey, Mercedes Salazar earrings (old), Tory Burch sandals (old), Fendi sunnies}

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