On Radical Change

The weather in Miami has been hotter than Brad Pitt in Fight Club or rainier than any given day in Seattle. Totally bipolar! Anyhoo, I just got back from a groovy wedding in Asheville, North Carolina (literally the most hippie-est town on the East Coast) and this Thursday I head to Tampa for — wait for it — my Home Shopping Network training! Yes, your girl is going to be the Yummie spokesperson on HSN (airing on July 5) so be sure to tune in.

Which leads me to my next salient point: I’m going to be on TV at the ripe ol’ age of 41. You know, a lot of my followers (and a psychic, to boot!) told me that I was “made for TV.” Me? I just think I’m a circus act whenever placed in front of a camera. You see, I actually majored in broadcast journalism, but writing is my passion. The takeaway here is… just when I thought my career in writing was totally going downhill (the state of print journalism is downright dismal), this HUGE OPPORTUNITY came along and I’m going for it even if…

I’m scared.

I’m scared.

I’m scared AF.

Did I mention I’m scared?

Heck, I’m scared! But you know what? Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. With this said, if you feel like your career is stagnant, well, put the energy that you yearn for more out there. The Universe always listens. In my case, a kind Instagram follower/friend (thank you, Stephie!) thought I’d be a perfect fit for this particular job. And the rest is (hopefully!) HSN history…

Photo by Karla Garcia



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