I Love the ’90s


slip dress with tee shirt

I’m am serving you some serious ’90s vibes here, freaks. I gotta say, I’m loving the return of 1990s trends — like berry-stained lips, chokers, big hair and Doc Martens. This slip dress and tee duo brings me back to those halcyon days two decades ago (FML!) where you could find me dabbling in the follow nonsense…

  1. Listening to Nirvana and pretending as though I was Kurt Cobain’s love interest in lieu of sloppy Courtney Love
  2. Obsessing over my asshole boyfriend at the time (you know who you are, asshole)
  3. Wearing “No Fear” T-shirts. Ewwwwww. That memory makes me itch. And twitch.
  4. Playing Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers and failing miserably
  5. Watching Rug Rats as though it were my job
  6. Plotting the slow and painful death of that lying, cheating aforementioned asshole boyfriend
  7. Slathering Lisa Frank stickers all over my personal belongings
  8. Killing all of my friggin’ Tamagotchi pets (relax, dudes, they were digital)
  9. Creating mix tapes with tunes by George Michael, Prince and Madonna 
  10. Sleeping under a glittery ceiling of plastic glow-in-the-dark star stickers

Ah, I loved the ’90s. Welcome back to 2016!

{H&M slip dress, Gap teeRebecca Minkoff sneakers, Chanel handbag, Céline sunnies, Fendi Karl pom pom}

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  1. Vivian
    June 18, 2016 / 1:43 pm

    You are rocking those sneakers, Maraki

  2. Tanya
    June 19, 2016 / 7:51 pm

    Tamagotchi pets. Hahahahahaah

  3. June 20, 2016 / 6:02 pm

    Our 90s experiences are not that dissimilar, minus the cheating boyfriend haha. I didn’t have a boyfriend til like 2003, maybe 2004. Nerd alert. But yes yes and yes to the rest of it. Did you Tamagotchi’s made a brief return?

    I obviously love this look, it’s my life aesthetic to dress as though I’m still in the 90s / mistaken for a Clueless cast member


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