Rainbow Brite

If wearing a happy rainbow dress in honor of Kylie Jenner writing off lip fillers, and Hailey and The Biebs‘ engagement is wrong…then I don’t want to be right! Mind. Blown. It’s been a pretty epic week in pop culture news and this chick is all over it like a chubby kid on cake. 

Yes, I am 41 years old. But inside, I’m clearly 18. Send help.

Anyhoo, I kept the kids home this week (you know… no camp, no sitters, no sanity for that matter) and we’re three days in and I’ve got to say, we’re having a blast. I caved in and let them download Fortnite on their iPads in a desperate attempt to get a little work done so there’s that. Judge all you want. A girl boss has gotta do what a girl boss has got to do! 

Swim Week is here so I’ll be popping into a few fashion shows and events so that should be fun, too. Anddddd… we leave for the Exumas, Bahamas next week and I cannot wait. Sharks and swimming pigs, here we come!

Bag by Sirena Tosh



  1. Vivian
    July 13, 2018 / 4:09 pm

    Love this dress!

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