Leopard Lovin’

Is it just me or is it super creepy when you check something out online and then — BAM! — it’s all over your Instagram and Facebook feeds begging/imploring you to buy it? Yeah, that’s exactly what happened with this Lovers + Friends duster. Damn you, cookies or whatever you’re called! It’s cute, so I’ll keep it but it runs a little big of you want one for yourself. 

We leave for our annual ski trip to Vail, Colorado soon and I’m so friggin’ excited to rip it on the slopes. In an effort to be in tip-top aerobic condition (I’m one of those people that gets easily out of breath from the change of altitude… or is it the aprés ski drinks? Who knows), I’m trying to workout 5 days a week so wish me luck! 

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  1. Martha
    January 29, 2018 / 4:12 pm

    Love this Cardi!

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