Personalization Just Gets Me

Monogrammed sheets. Stationary embossed with my name. Handbags boasting my initials. Personalization just gets me! Kiehl’s Linoln Road recently invited me in for a customized skin care collection and we whipped up my very own serum targeting enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Love that! My go-to Kiehl’s product will always be their Creme de Corps.

So what’s new with you freaks? Seeing as Hurricane Irma and Napa Valley threw me for a loop recently, I’ve finally found a groove with working out (pilates three times a week, running once), eating clean (lettuce is the taste of sadness… it’s official), and my kid’s after-school activities (I AM A BUS).

Wishing you all a great week!

{Dress c/o Red Carter, sandals c/o Taj by Sabrina, earrings c/o Jacqueline Pinto, handbag by Valentino}

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