My Top Tier Perfumes

Which scents in my perfume wardrobe am I currently reaching for, you ask? Depending on my mood and where I’m heading, I find myself spritzing the above photographed fragrances — Killian Love Don’t Be Shy, Initio Parfums Privés Rehab, Lake & Skye 11:11, Jennifer Meyer, Bond New York Saks Fifth Avenue and Parfums de Marly Valaya. And like a good OG Miami girl, I always have Violeta Francesas or Para Mi Bebe on hand in my car (if you know you know!). Here’s a breakdown on each scent and their where-to-buy details:

Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy: If it’s good enough for Rihanna, then it’s good enough for me! As RiRi’s go-to perfume, the best way to describe this perfume is it’s identical to a marshmallow. This fragrance is very sweet but not too sweet like Lolita Lempicka or Alien (remember those ’90s gems?). Notes here are: Neroli, orange blossom and marshmallow. Available here.

Initio Parfums Privés Rehab: If you haven’t checked out this fierce line of fancy fragrances at your local Neiman Marcus…run! Rehab is my favorite scent in their lineup compliments of its sweet and smokey hints. Notes: Patchouli, vanilla, lavender and tobacco. Available here

Lake and Skye 11:11: Hands down — this perfume garners the most “what are you wearing?” comments. Pictured above is the rollerball version because I always wear it on the go. It reminds me of a great white musk but more elevated. Notes: Ozonic accord, amber wood and white musk. Available here.

Jennifer Meyer: Leave it to an IT jewelry designer to nail the perfect vacation scent. Jennifer Meyer’s eponymous scent is literally summer in a bottle. Notes: Cranberry, strawberry, coconut water, waterlily and white floral accord. Available here

Bond No. 9 New York Park Avenue South: I’m a huuuuge Bond No. 9 fanatic, but lately I find myself spritzing Park Avenue South the most because it harkens the scent of one of my favorite  Strawberry Shortcake dolls from my youth. Random, I know. Notes: Green apple, peach, jasmine, mush and dry amber. Available here

Parfums de Marly Paris Valaya: Editors and influencers alike sing to the praises of the French Maison’s Delina bottle, but I prefer Valaya. Simply said, it’s the perfect floral-musky-woody fragrance. Period! Notes: Manderin, bergamot, white peach, orange blossom, vanilla and musk. Available here

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