I Got An Eyelash Lift & It’s Insane

You’ve most likely heard of eyelash extensions which are super popular right now because.. well, who doesn’t want longer lashes? But as luck has it, I’m allergic to eyelash extension glue so this popular trend is sadly not for me. Sigh.

Enter eyelash lifts… a treatment for natural lashes which adds curl and definition for 8 to 10 weeks. My Miami-based beauty gurus/girl crushes/mega babes Celene and Natalie Gee over at Gee Beauty told me about it so naturally, I was like, “I’M DOING THIS. LE DUH.”

The process is pretty simple and takes about an hour. I slept the entire time because… sleep is my crack. Plus, daylight savings is seriously messing with my biological clock RN. Anyhoo, the technician cleans your lash, applies a silicon shield, slathers on some lifting cream and — voila! — you have gorgeous lashes that look real AF.

Gee Beauty, 1845 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach; (305) 868-3533

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  1. Martha
    November 9, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    Love this alternative. I get allergic reactions to the glue too.

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