Freaks! Sorry it’s been a hot minute since I blogged but I was in a Stranger Things season two K-hole and then Halloween threw me for a sugar-laden  loop and — poof! — before I knew it, the week was over. Anyhoo, I’m back. And I’m stoked to share my latest handbag purchase with you… this one from Les Petits Joueurs. It gives me serious ’80s Rainbow Brite vibes and obsessed is an understatement. 

How have you psychos been? All is well in these parts. By the looks of my email inbox, “season” is most definitely here in Miami. This equates to reams of parties, Art Basel invites and events galore. But here’s the thing: I despise night time events! I always find I drink too much and wake up extremely cranky. And grouchy. And bloated. And often times, less in love with my craft if that makes any darn sense. I know I sound like a psycho AND I BLAME THE FULL MOON.

So the moral of the story? I’m learning to say “no” even if it means missing a potentially super cool experience.


Photos by Karla Garcia



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  1. November 27, 2017 / 10:40 am

    Basics have fun! Sure, white shirt and blue mom jeans are nothing special, but the way you complete this look is COOL! The hat, mid-heels and rainbow fur tote bag look awesome!
    Daisy from

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