Loco For Coco



Maria Tettamanti at Chanel Bal Harbour

{Chanel jacket, Rebecca Minkoff blouse, Alvin Valley pants, Chanel handbag, Jimmy Choo heels, Chanel bag, earrings and watch}

Chanel vinatge earrings

{Vintage Chanel earrings}

Tweed Chair

{Custom Chanel tweed chair and my new blue boyfriend}

Chanel Fashion Division President Barbara Cirvka

{Chanel Fashion Division President Barbara Cirvka and moi}


{Swarovski encrusted buck}


{Her name tag says it all. Really.}

The word “iconic” is so overplayed but when it comes to fashion, the House of Chanel is the very definition of the word. Period. End of story.

Coco’s timeless little black jacket, classic handbag and feminine pearl necklaces remain the most coveted pieces in any woman’s wardrobe and Karl Lagerfeld continues the legacy. And with aplomb.

When the Parisian brand (you go, Vanessa Leitman) reached out to invite me to the newly redesigned boutique in Bal Harbour (open to the public today) and the VIP dinner at JG Grill, I was, as you can very well imagine, over-the-moon. As the only fashion blogger in attendance at the private dinner, the night was pure magic compliments of free-flowing bubbly, living pink orchids as far as the eye could see, amazing people watching (who knew Barbara Becker could salsa so good!?) and gregarious conversation.

As for the new store…it’s MAJOR. Chanel Fashion Division President Barbara Cirkva tells me, “The boutique is inspired by Coco’s apartment in Paris.” With that said, architect Peter Marino added nuances like a Marc Swanson blinged-out sitting buck, tweed-covered furnishings and leather-quilted pillows. Coco’s beloved white camellia flowers also pepper the space. I bought a strand of pearls to remember the special evening and all guests were gifted a black-and-white Chanel logo pareo — both are welcomed additions to my closet.

And while the night was filled with Miami’s jetset, influencers and taste-makers, my favorite moment happened to be when I asked Barbara what my mysterious fashion hero, Karl (AKA The Gloved One), is really like. I even confessed I was downright scared of him…talk about TMI.

“Maria, don’t be intimidated by him! He is the consummate gentleman and he’s brilliant,” Barbara says.

Brilliant, indeed.





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