Year of the Snake…and Flamingo

Jacquie Aiche ring

{Jacquie Aiche snake knuckle available here, Lola James Jewelry It’s a Wrap bracelet}
Knuckle ring

Allyson Papunen and Maria Tettamanti

{Allyson in a Zara top, moi in a Blank Denim laser cut jacket c/o Blush Boutique}

Delfina Delettrez

{Delfina Delettrez flamingo feather earring exclusively for The Webster}

Being born in 1977, I’m a sssss-snake according to the Chinese calendar. And with 2013 being the Year of the Snake  — this means that us intuitive types have an edge over the rest of you boring oxes, roosters, rats, rabbits, dragons, horses, tigers and pigs. Ok, I made that nonsense up. Sue me.

Being the super Greek superstitious being I am, I always surround myself with evil eyes and, you guessed it, snakes. And after last night’s jaunt to The Webster, you can throw in a flamingo feather for good measure.

As frivolous as this may seem, there’s just something to be said about wearing empowering jewelry — weather it be a simple hamsa or Star of David. As an avid collector of crosses, matis (evil eyes) and snakes, whenever I slip on these good-vibe pieces, I instantly feel more energetic and protected from all the bad juju out there.

So here are two stellar standouts and ones-to-watch in the accessories department: My Jackie Aiche snake knuckle ring (bought it on Shopbop here) and this just plucked Delfina Delettrez flamingo feather earring exclusively for The Webster. Edgy yet feminine — they leave me feeling warm and safe like the comfort of a good friend (you know who you are).

Mucho love to Nathan of World Red Eye for the pics



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  1. April 30, 2013 / 12:18 pm

    Like it! Like it! I didn’t know you where a snake 😀


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