Being Extra at WGACA

{My fellow hosts and besties Marcella Novela & Martina Basabe and WGACA Owner Seth Weisser}

{M blog sister Kelly Saks and I dead busted taking a selfie}

Confession: I have a minor case of social anxiety. When placed in a room full of strangers, I typically beeline to the bar, quell my jitters with a glass of vino, and latch onto my closest friend and talk their ear off like a complete weirdo. Said friend will usually keep pouring me drinks in an effort to silence me but the devil’s juice ONLY MAKES ME TALK MORE. Le duh, people.

As a blogger, this personal affliction this does not bode well for me because I’m not 100% comfortable hosting events. They stress me out BIG TIME. Like, I break out into hives and stuff. The struggle is real.

However, when the fab folks at Tara Ink asked me to host a soiree at Miami Beach’s premiere luxury vintage store What Goes Around Comes Around alongside my besties Martina Basabe and Marcella Novela I was all like, “Hell yes!” Because I would have great company and I love me some curated Chanel, Hermès and LV merch, obvi.

So enjoy these pictures from the event. I got to chat up WGACA’s Owner Seth Weisser who tells me that that Birkin bag remains the Holy Grail of fashion. No surprise there!

Thanks to all who came… because of your support, I think I’m getting better at this hosting stuff:)

Photos by World Red Eye

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