My Night With Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson

tracy anderson

Can you tell I’m fan girl-ing SO HARD in the picture above? Um, YEAH. Last Friday night, I spent the evening with my girl crush/fitness guru Tracy Anderson at Faena Miami Beach Hotel. You see, Tracy is responsible for the lean-yet-rock-hard bods of my other imaginary BFFs, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Downey Junior and more. Ok, I’ll stop the name dropping because it’s tacky AF. Let’s just say Tracy is the biggest name in the workout realm.

Anyhoo, we chatted for two hours (it felt like fleeting 5 minutes because I was geek-ing out so bad) and here are the biggest takeaways from our conversation regarding the ultimate #fitspo and fun facts about the teacher/researcher/creator:

  • Tracy doesn’t calorie count. Shocker! I know. She leads a gluten-free and organic food-only (at home) lifestyle. For protein, she eats lean chicken and fish. She dabbled in being Vegan for a year, but it wreaked havoc on her body so she’s cool with consuming certain proteins. But NO red meat! 
  • Her favorite snacks are Alter Eco chocolate bars and almonds.
  • Tracy is a former ballerina, which makes perfect sense because her dance classes are bomb.
  • Tracy lives far away from her workplace of New York City because she wants her kids to live in an earthy environment. I loved this quote from her: “You cannot buy down-to-earth.” GOLD.
  • She does not believe in depriving your body of that Talenti gelato (salted caramel is her fave flavor, by the way) once and a while. “The guilt you will feel for not eating that pizza with your friend will cause you to gain more weight,” she says of making choices. 
  • She’s a huge proponent of working out 7 days a week. Psycho, I know!
  • When tackling weight loss, we must start the conversation with our bodies. Tracy advises us to create an internal monolog with ourselves and connect with the body regularly. Like, take an adult time-out and listen to what your body is telling you. But you must also tell your body what’s up. You are the captian of this ship!
  • Tracy’s 4-year-old daugter daughter, Penny, was there, too, and she’s so well behaved. #MomGoals

PS: Tracy Anderson is opening TWO Tracy Anderson Method studios in South Florida soon…my spies tell me in Surfside and Coconut Grove. #Blessed

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  1. Tanya
    November 22, 2016 / 12:51 pm

    Obsessed with her too!

  2. Vivian
    November 22, 2016 / 12:52 pm

    she’s opening in miami????? yessssss

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