Read This: The Great Alone

Once in a blue moon, I’m able to connect with a book which brings me to Lifetime-movie-kind-of-tears. Literally. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah did just that. Kristin also penned the wildly popular novel, The Nightingale, and like that New York Times Bestseller, The Great Alone is destined for success.

The Great Alone is set in the wilds of Alaska where Vietnam veteran Ernt Allbright moves his family there for a fresh, new start. At first, it feels like a solid plan until winter and it’s long, sun-less days take a toll on Ernt’s mental state. Soon, Ernt’s wife Cora and daughter Leni are the subject to his drunken rages and as you can imagine, their lives unravel in the most traumatic ways possible.

At it’s core, The Great Alone is an epic mother-daughter love story. You will laugh. Cry. And you won’t be able to put this book down. A must-read for all women. Especially mothers.


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