My Ideal Winter Aesthetic

Yesterday, I woke up to 60-degrees weather (Read: Winter in Miami…HA!) and felt the need to wear my coveted teddy bear coat. I know, dramatic. Let me live! I paired it with my new go-to jeans by Re/Done — this particular style has just the right amount of stretch for days I feel I need it. I also whipped out my LV bumbag and always wear it over my shoulder for a jauntier look.

As for my goldendoodle, Lulu, we had to shave her two weeks ago because her hair got matted (#PoodleProbs), and she is NOT feeling herself as indicative in this photo. Which leads me to the next segue: The world feels oh-so-heavy lately and I have not been feeling myself, either. But, hey, dressing up during yesterday’s coffee run helped me feel a smidge better. It’s funny how slapping on some lipstick and a cozy jacket can help lift our moods if for only a few fleeting moments, right?


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