Slow Your Roll (Yes, You)

I’m a hustler, baby. It’s a part of my genetic makeup thanks to my Greek immigrant parents. My father still works full time at the age of 81 (debilitating stroke and all) because that’s what immigrants do… work! And my mom is always bouncing around from tennis to church to book club to mahjong to choir practice. You get it. 

But this year, at the age of 42, I made the conscious decision to SLOW the fuck down. Yep, no more filling up my calendar with meetings that should be emails. No more dinners away from my family. No more time spent with people who do not feed my soul. No more events where I’m guzzling champagne to quell my social anxiety. No more making excuses to not workout. No more saying YES when it’s a NO. 

I’m not sure where I made the wrong turn but prior to slowing down, my life was beginning to feel like this endless movie where I was ricocheting from one vapid activity to another. I was never present or enjoying the moment — I was always living in the past or the future. I had to change. I HAD TO SLOW DOWN. What a concept! 

Sounds easy, right? Well, for us busy bodies, it’s not.

Slowing down has been a really difficult task for me but all I can say is that ever since I’ve created space for self care, rituals, yoga, long walks, meditation, listening more/talking less, CBD, grounding down with nature, praying OUT LOUD, good people and candlelit Bravo TV marathons — life has been MAGIC. 💫

So don’t be scared to slow down. Find the joy of missing out. Amazing things happen — like this women & wellness lunch this past Sunday with Jenni Coba & Tara Benmeleh. Who knew sage and rose tea ceremonies were the new rosé?

Photos by David Bley

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