Hero Face Oils

Nutella, Game of Thrones, Havaianas, white noise machines, Netflix, tampons, CBD gummies, the Squatty Potty — ever wonder how mankind lived before the invention of these necessities?

ME TOO, friend, ME TOO.

Well, you can add Mirigal and/or Vintner’s Daughter face oils to that list because I cannot live without either of them. As a Beauty Editor, I’ve searched high and low for the best face oils on the market and these two win without any hesitation whatsoever. Sure, they’re pricey ($128 and $185 respectively) BUT YOU’RE WORTH IT. Le duh.

You see, both smell like a “spa” and give your complexion that coveted J. Lo glow. And both formulas win beauty awards year after year and come highly recommended from my close friends (with gorgeous skin, natch). And, yes, I’ve bought and tried the much hyped Drunk Elephant face oil and it’s crap. There. I said it. Don’t drunk, er, drink the Kool-Aide like I did. 

For those of you unfamiliar with face oils —  they’re the best way to complement everyday skincare products — like your daily moisturizer or night cream — for an extra moisturization boost, especially during dry winter months or if you have dry skin like myself. You apply them before your moisturizer. And now you know!




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