Take That, Banana Bread!

There are two types of people during quarantine: The Netflix couch conquerors and those who discovered a new skill or side hustle. Montsy Smithies is the latter. A mom of two and physical therapist for the past 20 years, the pandemic inspired her to launch a homemade quiche business lovingly called Quiche Me. Take that, banana bread!

“I chose to quiet a noisy world, stay present and do the next right thing for me and my children and get baking in my kitchen,” Montsy says. Like most of us, COVID-19 affected her work hours significantly and so she experimented and reminisced on her late mother’s quiche recipes. With a little push from her friends, Montsy launched Quiche Me just in time for Mother’s Day in a perfect nod to her mother’s memory.

Flavors include classic quiche Lorraine with bacon & cheddar cheese and spinach paired with aged Gruyere. Flaky, savory and downright delicious, Quiche Me’s palatable pies are freshly made to order for pickup and delivery in the South Miami area (two quiche minimum) by emailing [email protected] or DMing @QuicheMeMiami on the ‘Gram.

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