On Bags and Bad Moods

Larettamia Bag

{Suede fringe bag c/o Larettamia, Top Shop vest, Vince Camuto hat (on sale!)}

Mandolin aegean bistro

{Celebrating Mrs. Mandolin and The Nomadic Collector at Mandolin Aegean Bistro}


{The obsession with my new suede fringe bag is real}

greek yogurt

{Greek eats just get me}

The Nomadic Collector

{My girl Stefani De La O‘s collection of The Nomadic Collector bags}

The first picture of this post is so very fitting for me because it captures two of my favorite things: Wine and killer handbags. Tee hee. Someone call AA. KIDDING.

Last week, I had the pleasure of celebrating my gal pals Anastasia Koutsioukis and Stefani De La O who are cooking up new biz ventures — Anastasia is launching a new restaurant/retail concept called Mrs. Mandolin and Stefani launched an artisanal handbag collection called The Nomadic Collector. Talk about GIRL BOSSES!

I’m not going to lie…I had a really stressful/suicidal/mental morning prior to the event and was in really unstable spirits (think Britney Spears during the sketchy Sam Lufti years) and the last thing I wanted to do was be social, BUT girl code dictates…YOU GOTS TO SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW BADASS BROADS. Period. End of story. Nobody likes a flake. Flakes suck donkey balls. And other shady shit.

So I slapped on my big girl panties, my new Miami-based fringe Larettamia bag and a fedora because my hair was very Amanda Bynes circa her meltdown. Life hack: Wear a hat when your hair is all ratchet and whack. It’s a total Houdini move. Plus, it’s so Vogue street style…I think? Or I just made that up. WHATEVER. I told you I was feeling out of sorts! LEAVE ME ALONE.

Anyhoo, after quaffing a few (or 5?) white wines and chatting up other empowering babes, I felt the stress of the morning melting off my shoulders. I found myself giggling! I met new cool peeps. I caught up with old friends. And — BAM! — I felt so much better about my life. 

So if you’re in a funk, surround yourself with uplifting individuals. They’re like insta Prozac. Honestly, Positive Patties are just like the below feel-good moments…

Clothes fresh out of the dryer

A good hair day

Receiving mail that isn’t a bill

Clicking unsubscribe

When the Starbucks barista spells your name right

Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about

The elevator arriving the second you push the button

Popping bubble wrap

So keep the goodies in your life and tell the baddies “sayonara.”

Photos by Kar Gar

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  1. Jessica The housewife
    February 18, 2016 / 8:19 am

    Love!!!! So funny!

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