Lip Masks… Because Your Pout Needs TLC Too

Ready for my latest beauty obsession rolling out of Korea? Lip sleeping masks!

I’ve tried them all so listen up… the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is basically the lip sleeping mask to end all lip sleeping masks. Just head to Sephora to find out. Not only does the lip pampering product have over 4,150 reviews while still maintaining over 4.6 stars —  it’s approved by yours truly and I’m picky AF. Then there’s the fact that it’s just casually the best selling lip mask at Sephora so there you go.

Why? After a night of using this lip mask I wake up with soft, moisturized and supple lips — perfect for lipstick application. The texture? It feels like a balm and easily absorbs into your lips. There are a few new flavors to choose from such as grapefruit, strawberry and vanilla and but I like the unflavored one below. 



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