Snail Secretions are a Thing Now

The other day I noticed my crony’s skin was looking brighter and tighter than ever. When I asked her if she paid the local IT plastic surgeon a visit she responded with, “No! I’m using snail serum! Dr. Green told me about it.” 

Whoops, my bad.

Fast-forward to last month and I was getting my neck tightened (via fillers and Botox) with IT dermatologist (and smokeshow) Dr. Jeremy Green of Skin Associates of South Florida. There, I stumbled upon these coveted serums, ampules and creams culled from Spain-based snail secretions by Biopelle at the office’s in-house boutique.

Long story short, the luxury beauty brand is ahead of the curve as it uses a unique, natural ingredient extracted from the eggs of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail. It’s clinically proven to help replenish, reinforce, and restore the appearance of youthful-looking skin. 

Snail serums are beauty thing now and you heard it here first.



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