This Wall is TALKING to Me

Last week, I meet my team (AKA Team Get Some Clicks™) for lunch at Miami’s newest hot spot Kiki on The River. I was dressed according to dreary weather — grey skies equates to a grey top, natch. The Greek grub was spot on (order the octopus, grilled branzino and dips) and and the vibe there is FIRE. Swathed in a sea of blues, I felt at home because I have this bizarre obsession with all-things blue and nutella, deep-tissue, massages, online shopping, James Franco, Second Wives Club, tabloids, Erno Laszlo face masks, Justin Beiber, Houston’s spinach dip and Cakebread wine.

As for the gorgeous wall in the picture above, it’s located just outside the restaurant so go and ‘GRAM THAT SH%T. #GetThoseLikes

Anyhoo, it’s been raining for 8 days straight here in Miami (um, Seattle called, it wants its weather back) and while it’s murder on my hair (#GreekAfro), I’m LOVING it. You see, I’ll take any excuse to lay on the couch and watch Netflix like it’s my job. I just finished watching the Netflix series, Black Mirror and enjoyed almost every episode. It’s really dark, layered and futuristic — so check it out. 


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  1. Seba
    June 16, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    Cakebread wine. lol

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