This Skinny on B12 Shots

B12 shot

{Lori Bell and moi. PS: Who smiles during shots? THIS chick}

Confession: In college I used to be a human guinea pig. I was that girl who when passing by a “Dental Study Test, Pays $50” flyer, would sign up like a complete psycho to support their torrid Wet Seal habit. Yes, Wet Seal. Gainesville’s shopping options at the time were unequivocally top-notch.

Said obsession with being a human test subject is still alive and well. From shady Brazilian diet pills to colonics to cupping to freezing my fat cells — I’ll try just about anything. Once. Just don’t tell my mom or dad.

Which brings us to the subject of buzz-y B 12 shots. I’ve read and heard: B12 Injections give you energy! They help lose weight! It boosts your metabolism and enhances your mood! Touted as the “hangover cure,” I hit up Doctor of Chinese Medicine and resident acupuncturist practicing at
 The Standard Spa, Miami Beach Lori Bell for my very first B 12 shot last week (cost: $25). The results? I felt a burst of energy and improved mood. I also asked Lori to share the 411 on the in-demand vitamin treatment, so without further ado, here’s what she says about B12 injections from her personal practice:

  • B12 is a vitamin mostly found in foods related to animal products such as meats, fish, eggs and cheese.
  • A shot of B 12 is an energy booster, so for those who want to lose weight, it certainly motivates one to get moving! Exercise is a big factor in weight loss and having the energy to jumpstart your exercise program certainly helps. The initial surge of energy lasts from 24 to 48 hours. There is a remaining subtle increase of energy and mood that last for a week or so.
  • One can get a B 12 injection once a week or once a month — it all depends on your lifestyle. Lori recommends once a week when your entering a busy time and you need the extra energy and mental clarity. Some people come in often or others when they’re feeling rundown, about to catch a cold or get on a plane.
  •  B 12 shots are especially beneficial for vegetarians, vegans and people over age 50 to receive B 12 (because they’re at risk for low levels due to their diet). In addition, B 12 is given when people are anemic.
  •  Lori started giving herself B 12 shots weekly and was impressed with her increased energy, overall mood improvement and increased concentration.


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