Cook This: Arroz Con Pollo

Ok, this particular recipe is loved by my picky kids — AND IT HAS PEAS IN IT! Winning! I whip up a batch of arroz con pollo once a week because it’s super tasty, gluten-free and easy to make. Here goes:


♥ 1 chopped sweet onion

♥ 1 cube of chicken broth

♥ 1 package of chicken breasts chopped

♥ 1 large package of Vigo yellow rice

♥ Half a package of frozen peas


Sauté onions and cube of chicken broth in lots of olive oil until onions are clear. Add chopped chicken breast and cook for 1 minute on each side. Add bag of Vigo yellow rice (along with the amount of water written on the bag) and frozen peas. Simmer for 35 minutes until all water evaporates. Enjoy!


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