Exploring Wynwood Arts District

Driving my daughter to holiday camp through Wynwood Arts District this morning, I couldn’t help but soak in all the eye candy this vibrant neighborhood in Miami holds. Sure, it’s utterly rough-around-the-edges but the people here are the very definition of artsy fartsy and, well, nice. Guys open doors for women (sound the alarm… chivalry isn’t dead!) and the gals here wear smiles. Perhaps it’s something in the Panther Coffee? Who knows.

Sometimes I get in would-be car accidents from staring at all the street art (see photo one) and often I’ll zip into my favorite living flower arrangement store, Plant The Future (photo two) for some visual zen. Let’s talk about photo three. That, my friends, is one of Plant The Future’s unorthodox flower arrangements — a white horse comprised of airplants and hot rollers. Genius! Argentine Owner Paloma Teppa creates art with succulents, cacti, air plants, orchids, bromeliads and even living butterfly cocoons.

“The concept was born out of my love for nature and passion for art and design. The need to re-affirm our link with nature and to be surrounded with living plants is fundamental. The more we connect with nature, the more peaceful we feel,” Teppa says.

She’s right. For insta-Paxil, just pop into Plant The Future and see precisely what I mean.

Plant the Future, 2511 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami; (305) 571-7177.

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