Read This: Wild Game

When author Adrienne Brodeur was 14 years old, her mother, Malabar, woke her up in the middle of the night and uttered these five life-changing words: “Ben Souther just kissed me.”


The problem is, Malabar was married at the time and sucked Adrienne into her love affair with Ben with the stealth of a ninja. Adrienne becomes her mother’s confidante and accessory to the epic affair — making Wild Game a must-read memoir. 

The affair would have calamitous consequences for everyone involved, impacting Adrienne’s life in profound ways, driving her into a precarious marriage of her own, and then into a deep depression. From a parenting perspective, it will have you scratching your head and understanding that we simply cannot be our children’s friends. We must be their parents and guiding lights.

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