Freaks! I just got back from a brief trip visiting the fam jam based in Cape May, New Jersey where it was a perfect 50 degrees and I was able to soak in some holiday vibes. Because… Miami and Christmas-y feels are not a thing unless you go to Santa’s Enchanted Forest — and that hot mess is not #OnBrand so there’s that.

Karla and I snapped these pictures a few weeks ago and I’ve worn this Fleur du Mal velvet bomber to death which is now on sale and I of course paid full price like an asshole. Like, it’s not normal. It’s super comfy and sexy and if I could make out with it I would… you get the psychotic picture.

I’m also wearing Givenchy heels and Chanel sunnies from my friend Paris (I know, name envy is a thing with her!) who owns an e-store called Paris Fashion House so check it out here. She sells designer goodies at awesome prices. #NowYouKnow

Anyhoo, off to make my weekly donation at  Whole Foods and cook up some Greek-style octopus. Follow me on Instagram stories (@mariatettamani) for the foodie fun. Or if you’re just bored. Or if you dig watching Greek chicks throw it down. 

Photos by Karla Garcia

{Fleur du Mal jacket, AGOLDE jeans, Splendid top, Ximena Kavalekas box bag, Chanel sunnies and Givenchy heels from Paris Fashion House}



  1. December 3, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    very well done, the color tones are amazing but i can use some soft colors, anyway keep it up
    have a nice day xoxo
    Cathy Williams

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