Read This: Untamed

In her latest book Untamed, author Glennon Doyle shares lessons learned throughout the struggles in her life — and she shows that a messy life can create the most beautiful things.

From my POV, Glennon has a unique voice which I found both relatable and enjoyable. Her story is tragic and victorious at the same time. She was bulimic at 10 years old, and as she got older she became an alcoholic. She got pregnant at 25 and married the father because they decided that was the right thing to do at the time. They had two other children after that, and then he cheated on her. Initially, they worked things out, and that is when Love Warrior was written. Then Glennon and her husband, Craig, split and she fell in love with and married Abby Wambach.

The brilliant result? Untamed. Read and find out if you, too, are a cheetah. 


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