Bose Frames Real Talk Review

I recently bought my husband Sebastian a pair of Bose Rondo Frames as a “just because” gift because let’s be honest — quarantine life is hard AF. Priced at $200, are these headphones/sunglasses worth it? After testing these bad boys out for two months, the answer is a resounding yes, so I figured I share my opinion with you all because I always want to keep you all up to date with what’s good and new new new. 

Think of these sunnies as a must-have gadget combining your sunglasses with headphones thanks to  built-in Bluetooth speakers which are pointed toward your ears. And no, your nosy neighbors won’t be able to hear your phone conversations/music and the sound quality — in signature Bose fashion — is stellar. And unlike earbuds, nothing goes in your actual ears. Genius!

The retro style of the frames aren’t too shabby either. I choose the Rondo style because they exude an Illesteva “Leonard” style vibe (#cute). The lenses, however, aren’t Maui Jim-worthy (my favorite lenses to be honest), but they do the job when it comes to protecting your peepers from UVA/UVB rays.

With this said, the Bose Rondo Frames are the perfect gift for the gal or guy that has it all or even YOU.



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