Read This: The Gifted School

We all have that one friend who feels their child is “gifted” and constantly brags about how amazing said child’s chess and cello skills are. UM, BORING. Get a grip, Karen… no one cares. But your ego. Sheesh.

Enter The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger. In this sharply entertaining novel, Crystal, Colorado is an affluent community where a new gifted magnet school for grades six through 12 will soon open. With limited spaces available, the competition among parents to get their offspring into the school, called the “Stuyvesant of the Rockies,” turns ruthless.

For example, Dr. Rose Holland, a pediatric neurologist, uses her position to gather inside information that could be vital for her daughter, Emma Q’s, admission. Queen bee Samantha Zeller and her moneyman husband, Kevin, are not above lying about the IQ test results of their daughter, Emma Z. Divorced Azra and Beck are forced to deal with the emotional fallout when the admission process causes friction between their twin sons.

You get the drift.

So while we Stay Home, order this novel and enjoy the psychotic lengths parents go for their “gifted” children. 



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