The Skinny on Skinnylish

Facts: I’ve been searching high and low for a fresh (operative word), healthy, clean, low-calorie and gluten-free food delivery service in Miami for ages. My experience with meal delivery services are they’re often defrosting and soggy upon delivery which grosses me out. Ew.

But thanks to the Instagram Gods, Chef Jessica Sztulwark-Eliav of Skinnylish reached out with this sweet message, “Maria, I want to feed you with salads that aren’t sad!” 

And here we are. After two weeks on Skinnylish deliciousness, I’m obsessed (and 3 pounds down no less! #blessed) and felt compelled to write about this food delivery service because I love sharing Miami gems with you all. 

You see, Chef Jessica is a Johnson and Wales trained educated chef and hails from New York. She’s always worked in the rough-and-tumble food biz and has been catering and private cheffing here in Miami for the past 11 years. 

Then baby came. And a lot of extra weight. She needed a solution.

“Last June, I started doing weight loss soup for myself and I started the dropping weight. People asked me how and my client suggested I make soup for everyone, and that’s how this began. I started with 6 weekly soups, and it wasn’t enough, who eats only soup?! So I started playing with techniques to keep all my food light, as fat-free as possible, gluten and dairy-free, just clean, healthy,” Chef Jessica tells me.

She lost a whopping 45 pounds in one year. Yep, you read that right.

Her eats are low calorie but bulky enough to satiate. And the salads, soups and sweets are delicious because life is waaaay too short for lackluster grub, right?

The prices? From $8 (crisp, overnight oats, egg dishes) to $16 for the basic bowl and salads (slightly higher for larger “strong” protein portions) and the kids lunches will be $10 all inclusive (mini water, snack, fruit and main)

As for delivery, Skinnylish is available from Boca Raton to Brickell and everywhere in between. The Boca and Brickell delivery fee is $10. The Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale/Plantation delivery fee is $3. And 
Greater Miami is $6 to $8.

So if you want to lose weight, desire to simply eat healthy or need a nutritious option for your kiddos, hit Chef Jessica up. Her number is (917) 873-5495.

You won’t regret it. Nor will your tastebuds. Or your shrinking waistline.

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