Princess Charming

When it comes to jewelry, Aaron Basha’s modus operandi is “specializing in sentimental jewelry for decades.” The latter statement is undeniably true seeing as Aaron Basha’s whimsical baby shoe charms are omnipresent amongst the well-heeled mother and glam-ma set since 1906. This past summer, Regine, the daughter of celebrity jewelry designer Aaron Basha, stepped in as the family-owned NYC jewelry company’s CEO and is bringing her own touch to the House — with a Magic City twist.

Regine recently relocated to Miami full time and is launching the #BashaBeach collection this December. “I’m drawing inspiration from the beach bodies — which is every type of body! — the sunshine and the happy vibes. The #BashaBeach collection is perfect for every moment in a Miami day with a swimsuit at the pool or glamming up an outfit for a night out. I was able to direct the energy and excitement of Miami into the #BashaBeach collection.”

Born in Tel Aviv, Regine grew up in Montreal, London and New York City. Pentalingual and precocious, Regine started working within the family business as a child. “When I was 6, I had my own little showcase in the Aaron Basha store at the Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal. I sold seashells I had collected on vacations. I remember the excitement I felt when my first customer purchased a shell for $7. That excitement is definitely still there!”

As for her fresh move to Miami, Regine says, “Miami has always been my dream living location. Aaron Basha had gone through a big transition earlier in the year with the changing of leadership hands and our focus on e-commerce, so it seemed natural to re-invent the brand in a new location that resonated with my soul.

Regine adds, “I moved Aaron Basha’s creative hub to Miami to take full advantage of the natural beauty, like the sunshine and palm trees, as well as the laid back and outdoorsy lifestyle. I get my best ideas when I’m riding bikes on the beach boardwalk and soaking up everything Miami has to offer.”

Bienvenidos a Miami, Regine.

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