A One Piece That Doesn’t Suck at Life

I’ll never forget the melancholic time I bough my first one-piece swimsuit during my adulthood. I had just given birth (that in and of itself was a terribly gloomy experience for me) and my belly? Well, let’s just say it was a soft, mushy mass replete with a loooong black vertical line (AKA the linea nigra). #NotAGoodLook. In other words, mama needed a one-piece swimsuit to hit the beach because I felt bad about the physical appearance of my stomach (and a cadre of other mental issues which I will refrain from talking about right now).

Succumbing to the dreaded “mom one-piece” depressed me to no end because I’m a perennial bikini kinda girl. I love feeling the sensation of the sun kissing my tummy. I despise tan lines. I feel like a tan belly looks better than a pale belly. I literally feel hot and oppressed (yes, oppressed!) in one-pieces. I feel older. I could literally write a novel on how bikinis are better but you get the picture already.

Thankfully, one-piece maillots are de rigueur now and designers are upping their fashion game when creating them. My go-to for one-pieces? Red Carter. I love his colorful prints and daring cuts. Alas, shopping for a one piece is no longer a daunting affair…I actually love how they look on me even when I’m in tip-top shape!

Photo by Olivia Pizano

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