This Weekend was on FIRE

TRUE STORY: In 2007, the real estate market took a tremendous hit. It was a financial crisis of epic proportions. It was a particularly frightening time for everyone, especially my family, as my husband’s livelihood is real estate. But life is funny in the way that often times, the scariest of moments bring us our greatest gifts. 

During this down-cycle, our dear friend, Rockstar Developer Gil Dezer, was given the precious time to imagine something out of the box. A first of its kind. A never-done-before deal. Something unique. Not basic. Balls-to-the-walls cray. You see, Gil was hellbent on creating a leviathan feat: To build a Porsche Design-branded building with car elevators all the way up the 56th floor! The price per luxury unit? Think $6.5 million to $32.5 million for a 4-level penthouse. Naturally, the very idea sounded crazy at the time. The naysayers naysayed. The pessimists poo-pooed. But this is what happens when you strive to stand apart from the masses.

In 2009, my husband Sebastian was brought on board as Senior Vice President of the awe-inspiring project. He rocked it with the stealth and acumen of a ninja. Truly. Standing from the outside, his grit was an amazing sight to behold. His PHENOMENAL team (you know who you are!) sold more than $750 million in sales. #YAS

So this past weekend — 8 looooong years since the project’s inception — was one for the books as we celebrated the grand opening Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida. Alicia Keys gave a stellar surprise performance (peep video below!) and I may have drank one too many vodka sodas. Whoopsie. JUDGE. My feet were killing me and Tito’s is the only cure, obvs.

As for the building? It’s sleek. Innovative. Sexy AF. Adrenaline raising. A first of its kind.  

I just wanted to tell my husband, Gil, the Dezer Development squad and the Germany Porsche Design team that I’m so very proud of what was spawned during South Florida’s most scariest of housing market moments. You all are such a brilliant bunch. Seeing the tower and Dezervator come to fruition from architectural plans on paper to a beast of a building today, well, it’s spine-tingling. 

Moral of the story? Think outside the box! Love what you do! Create! Be bold! Color outside the lines! Strive to not to fit in! Don’t be a stereotype! Life is best driven in the fast lane. 

Photo by TAMZ

Video by Steven Speilberg Eric Fordin

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