Sorry Loofah, I’m Breaking Up With You



Dearest Loofah,

Sorry, I’m breaking up with you. You see, the Beauty Gods whipped up DUO Body Cleanser — the first dual-sided cleansing tool infused with a flexible cleansing core. Holler! It looks much like a souped-up sponge and the best part? It cleans better than yo’ mama’s basic body wash & puff. How so? One side is scrubby and one side is smooth and then there’s the flexible cleanser in the middle.

Available in three scents (Olay, Ivory and Old Spice), DUO can be best described as a scrubby loofah, a soft washcloth, and a 30-day supply of suds all in one palm-size little pod. You can snag yours in select drugstores, mass and food retailers and eCommerce sites nationwide for $9.99 to $12.99.

Personally, I love that I can get a heaping lather of soapy suds with just a few drops of water. I also love the clean aroma of the Ivory DUO. It’s also important to note that the scrubby side is perfect for exfoliating my legs and arms in a flash!

In other words… sayonara loofah, it’s time for a shower DUOver. More info over at




This is a sponsored post with DUO. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Karla Garcia

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