The 411 on Pop Up Grocer

Miami, the world’s first pop-up grocery store just opened and it’s nestled in Wynwood. And did I mention it’s frigging adorable? Consider Pop Up Grocer the definitive destination to discover the hottest new products such as Brightland oils, Magic Spoon cereal, Shaka immunity shots, Athena Club deodorant, grain-free pancake batters, Ritual tequila and more.

Peep some of the most innovative and exciting food brands such as milk made from bananas (um, genius), deli slices made from beets, and chips made from cactus.  Think of all the buzziest brands you see and follow on Instagram that your local grocery chain doesn’t carry.

Watch your back, Publix.

Pop Up Grocer will be here until February 27th (10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily) at 171 NW 23rd Street, Wywnood  

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