Get To Know Lidia Pefaur Jewelry

Confession: This Jersey girl loves a custom diamond nameplate necklace and this one photographed above by Miami-based jewelry designer Lidia Pefaur does not disappoint! I met Lidia and her envy-worthy good hair when she was a buyer at Capretto Shoes. We became fast friends and now I’m unequivocally obsessed with her jewelry designs which are available for purchase via her Instagram — @lidiapefaurjewelry. So without further ado, Lidia shares some fun facts and jewelry tips below 👇🏼 ⁣

💎 My family’s been in the jewlery business for decades. ⁣

💎I’m born in Miami but I am both Argentinian and Cuban. ⁣

💎I had a multi-brand store in Miami Beach in 2008 right before the recession which carried brands such as Pucci, Etro, and Missoni. ⁣

💎I love to travel — especially Europe where I gain inspiration and pick up beautiful pieces and work with different jewelers, or hang friends. I also frequent my family in South America where I revisit my roots! ⁣

💎I love to collect vintage pieces where I gain my inspiration to rework and make modern designs⁣

💎I make my jewlery right here in the heart of Miami working with different craftsmen and studios that I’ve had relationships with for years when tagging along with my Uncle when I was a little girl. ⁣

💎I recommend investing in anything 14Kor 18K yellow gold the value is never lost. Gold prices continue to go up and you can always sell it, get your money back or make more than what you originally paid  for.⁣

💎I always say no matter what pieces you acquire, make sure you love it and that it represents your individual style, and also that can be passed down to your next of kin! A classic piece will always trump a trendy piece!⁣

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