My Day with Revive

Fun fact about me: I rarely go out at night. Seeing as I relish my 9 hours of sleep, dinners typically take away from my treasured beauty sleep. But I am all for lunches in good company (thanks Erin and Ginger!) so when new pain relief brand Revive invited me to an influencer lunch at the Miami Beach Edition, I was all in because I’m always curious to discover new goodies for my health and wellness arsenal — especially when it comes to anti-inflammation creations. 

Here’s the 411 on Revive: The brand makes two easy-to-use roll on formulas, R1 and R2. R1 is their CBD formula, and R2 is their arnica formula. Both are great for relieving muscle stiffness and soreness and beyond. I slathered on some R1 after yesterday’s tough-as-nails pilates class and I am feeling groovy.

I hope you’ll give them a roll with my 20% off code MARIAT20 over at

Photos by Ryan

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