This Mom Drove a Supercar and it’s as Super as it Seems


Let’s talk about cars. My first whip was a beat-up electric blue Isuzu pickup truck because my father believed it would, “build character.” UM, OKAY DAD. Nowadays, I drive something sexier and faster from Coral Gables, Florida-based THE COLLECTION. So #blessed

Last Friday, I was gifted a Solis-colored McLaren 720S for the day — replete with my picture on it! — proving I’ve come a long way since my beat-up pickup truck days. TAKE THAT, PAPA! It was love at first sight compliments of the 720S’ sweeping look-at-me twin-hinged dihedral doors.

Once I got behind the wheel of this $275,000 beast, well, let’s just say it took a minute to exit the lot because… hard-to-find parking brakes. After this snafu, this soccer mom swiftly went from legit to LIT once I hit the streets. The McLaren’s real ass-kicking moment is in its punch compliments of its twin-turbo V8 engine. Can you say, “Vroom?”

Words that pop into mind when thinking back at this joyride include “visceral” and “euphoric.” After my test drive it was time to eat at B Bistro + Bakery at THE COLLECTION alongside South Florida’s top food and lifestyle influencers

Fellow guests included Nikki Novo of @NikkiNovo, Dana Rozansky of @Miami_FoodPorn, Jessica Daez of @eatitmia, Tia Plagata of @YelpMiami, Ellen Dumas, & Alejandra Zelaya of @FoodBlogMiami, Valentina Mussi of @SweetPortfolio and Kelly Saks of @KellySaks.

We noshed on eats from B Bistro + Bakery at THE COLLECTION and did what we do best — put it on the ‘Gram! The hand-selected menu from Miami Star Chef Henry Hané included tasty Giulia’s Gazpacho, Spicy Tuna Toast, Avocado Toast, Portofino Prosciutto Panini, Mediterranean Salad, Caesar Salad and assorted petit gateuxs (small cakes) served family style. It was an afternoon filled with delicious bites, fast cars, friends and #foodie fun.

And yes, I now need a McLaren in my life. Because super moms deserve SUPER CARS. 

Photo by World Red Eye

{I wore a Frank & Eileen chambray top, Zara sequin skirt, Valentino heels, Chanel boy bag and Celine sunnies}

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