It’s a Kodak Moment

Do you ever get frustrated with the not-so-stellar quality of your smartphone pictures? I know I sure do. I feel like my iPhone pics aren’t as sharp and colorful as the ones I take with my DSLR camera. 

Allow moi to introduce you to the Kodak EKTRA. It’s the beloved camera brand’s first-ever professional-quality, photography-first smartphone. AND IT’S MAJOR.

The Kodak team sent me the camera and super cute Pop & Suki case for Swim Week and while I love the pictures I snapped there, I feel like the pictures above truly capture the EKTRA’s true essence. The hues POP! The images are super sharp! I can blur out certain spots in an image! I’M IN LOVE.

Without getting too technical, the EKTRA is just like a DSLR camera (21 mega pixels, to be exact) plus a phone. Winning! The touchscreen dial is super easy to use and you can choose from a spate of photo settings such as portrait, bokeh, landscape, motion and more. The photo editing app, Snapseed, is also on hand to perfectly edit your pics.

My thoughts on the Kodak EKTRA, exactly? 

It’s picture perfect.


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