Just Wing It

I’ve been a beauty editor for 23,432 years and I know this much is true: I suck at doing my own makeup.

This sad truth is as tragic as Britney Spears‘ hair extensions circa her meltdown days in 2008.


One day while endlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon a winged eyeliner stamp — YES, A DUMMY-PROOF STAMP! Naturally, I ordered this one because curiosity got the best of me (I blame Ambien, too). Plus, I love a hero product and anything that makes my life an iota easier. Duh.

And you want to know what? It works! You just stamp the corners of your eye and then line the top of your lids. Easy-peasy! This isn’t an ad either — I just wanted to share this genius beauty hack with you all because sharing is caring.

Anyoo… winged eyeliner stamps are now a thing and I am here for it.

Mind. Blown.

PS: I ordered the thin option. 




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