IT Girl Expo Miami Recap

I’m in Current/Elliott denim jacket, Forever 21 tee, Current/Elliot jeans, Be & D belt, Christian Louboutin Mary Janes, Chanel surf tote. Electric Blogarella is in an Isa Boutique dress which got rave reviews!

Today was a “first” of sorts. How so? It was the The Wordy Girl’s inaugural stab at live Tweeting from a Blogger’s Corner at Miami’s first-ever IT Girl Expo which started today at Soho Studios and carries on tomorrow. Think tons of shopping vendors selling those I’ve-got-to-have-it goodies like metallic passport holders, fashion tape, lip plumpers, eyelash extensions, colorful hair ties, rubber rain booties, breezy tunics and MORE! And by more, I mean semi-nude men swinging from the ceilings. I’m so not kidding. Check out the above photo of Electric Blogarella and I texting like freaks in an oh-so-chic lounge replete with hydrangeas, pink carpet and modern furnishings. Sweet digs!

Armed with my “IT Girl Blogger Badge” (which gave me super powers if you REALLY want to know) my favorite kiosk was where I scored Tili leopard-print ziplock bags (because plain ol’ ziplock bags are boring and fug) and wardrobe tags. Both of these goodies were just too genius to leave behind. No lie.

It was also great to meet and chichat with fellow bloggers Chic Streets and Eats, Miss Mean Shoe, Fashion Poet and Miami Beats and Sazon. As Velveeta-ish and ridic as this may sound, I felt a genuine sense of camaraderie and love amongst Miami’s bloggers and have a great feeling of things to come for us.

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