How to Make Nice Cream

If you’ve viewed my Instagram stories, you’ve probably heard of nice cream. You know, the frozen banana deliciousness that’s been giving ice cream a run for it’s money according to my husband, that is. Banana is naturally creamy and sweet, making it the perfect base for “guilt-free” ice cream. Here’s the down low on this sweet treat:


3 frozen peeled ripe bananas chopped up  (the riper the banana, the more sweet and delicious your nice cream will be) 

1/4 cup of Oat Milk (or real cow milk, almond milk, etc.)


Throw the chopped frozen bananas and oat milk into a blender (I love our Ninja linked below and here). If it feels too thick add more milk. Enjoy!


You can top your nice cream with almond butter, sprinkles, peanut butter — whatever your heart desires. My kids love adding blue spirulina powder which is a superfood and makes it a bright blue hue. Fresh strawberries, blueberries and peaches are great additions, too. Get creative with it!

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