An Instagram Hack You Need To Know

Instagram can be a moody mother trucker when it comes to creating clean spaces in your captions (like the one above). If you type directly into the Instagram app, spaces are weirdly erased and your caption will channel a hot mess circa Britney Spears in ’07. Not pretty.

But here’s a FREE (yay for free) Instagram hack you need to know in order to create clean spaces in your captions (which I learned on YouTube and figured I would share with you all, too):

♥ On your mobile phone, go to this website (and save it in your Notes for future reference):

♥ Simply type your caption as you want it to appear with line breaks then tap the “convert” button and paste to your Instagram.

Also — if you want to shell out $2.99, there’s always the GramSpacer For Instagram app.

Bye-bye, messy captions. Hello, multi-line breaks!


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